Your Last Chance to Be Hero
Force Crisis (FC for short) is a browser-based MMORPG on the theme of superheroes. In FC, players will become a superhero shouldering the mission of saving the world. Through recruiting those with supernatural power to form a forceful hero team to fight against formidable evils, players break through enigmas, smash schemes and finally bring back the peace and security to the world. Creatively using the cinematic narration, FC owns a lifelike 2D graphic with spectacular scenes embellished through 3D render. It grants players not only an exquisite game experience, but a feast for eyes!
Facing so many evils, the righteous heroes are gradually rising up in this chaotic world. The mission of saving the world starts at your participation!



  • Unique Journey for Heroes

  • Carefree Fighting

  • Hero Recruiting & Team building

  • Rich Gameplay & Fierce Challenge

  • It will provide players a fully immersive world through cinematic narration, lifelike graphic embellished through 3D engine and magnificent special effects!
  • The systems of immediate-round and multi-role operation are now collected in one to guarantee players a more intensive and exciting war of universe.
  • In FC, players are able to recruit superheroes with supernatural power to form a most powerful team through hero nurturing, equips forging, skills learning, DNA searching and other gameplays.
  • Absolute challenges and circles of difficult missions are waiting, so are interplanetary maze, spatiotemporal travel, inter-space battle and invincible alien boss.


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